Nasal flocked swabs

A new generation of single-use specimen collection devices, flocked nasal swabs represent the latest advancement. Flocking is a term used to describe the technique of attaching (multi-length fibers) to an adhesive-coated surface in order to improve sample collection efficiency. All flocked nasal swabs offer distinct advantages in a wide range of applications. There are so many reasons to choose flocked nasal swabs for lab personnel who are responsible for specimen collection.

What is a Flocked Swab, and how does it work?

Flocked nasal swabs are a specific form of swab that is made with an applicator tip that has been spray-coated with short Nylon fibers that are oriented perpendicularly to the surface of the swab. Instead of using materials that can trap the specimen, flocked nasal swabs are manufactured with a thin absorbent covering of Nylon fibers that do not have an interior core, allowing for greater sample uptake and release during the testing process.

What Is the Difference Between Flocked nasal Swabs and Traditional Swabs?

The flocked nasal swab tip is coated with Nylon fibers that are sprayed perpendicular to the flocked swab tip. This coating generates a thin absorbent layer that enables rapid sample uptake and elution of more than 90 percent of the sample in a short period of time. By contrast, traditionally spun swabs catch most of the specimen in the ‘mattress’ structure, trapping the specimen and limiting the sensitivity of the testing procedure. 

What Are Flocked Swabs Used For?

Flocked swabs are useful for collecting specimens for quick diagnostic testing. They are efficient at capturing cells and organisms at the collection site and can release them immediately. These single-use instruments have perpendicular nylon fibers that are bonded to the surface of a swab, maximizing specimen collecting. A consistent, high-quality, and efficient supply of medical tools is more vital now than ever. 

The very effective design of flocked swabs means that many medical professionals are counting on them in order to undertake COVID-19 testing. Many producers provide high-quality flocked swabs to help satisfy the needs of this unique period. They offer flocked swabs that are perfect for usage in the healthcare business. Flocked nasal swabs not only perform exceptionally well in quick diagnostic examinations, but they are also suitable for collecting Nasopharyngeal specimens, Bacteria, Forensic evidence, Microorganisms, and other small samples.

Advantages of using flocked nasal swabs

1. Flocked swabs provide the most accurate sampling possible.

In the context of quick diagnostic testing, flocked nasal swabs are a great choice because of their capacity to better collect cells or organisms at the collection site and their ability to release whole cells in a short period of time. 

2. Diagnostic Sensitivity Has Been Improved

With the flocked technique, each fiber strand is transformed into a velvet-like brush, resulting in the creation of hundreds of thousands of contact points for the collection and release of specimen samples with improved quality. The increased number of target cells (compared to non-flocked swabs) contributes to improving the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic procedures.

3. Elution in a Short Period of Time

When a flocked swab is totally integrated with the handle (i.e. there is no inner fabric or other inner core to absorb the specimen), a greater volume of specimen is collected and preserved. The result is not just increased sample yield, but it also provides for a more quick and complete release of the sample into a liquid medium.

4. Fibers of a proprietary multi-length flock that is exclusive to the company.

Several medical supplies suppliers produce flocked swabs. They have manufactured flocked nasal swabs that contain proprietary multi-length flock fibers. When used in conjunction with multi-length flock fibers, a web-like structure has been created that gathers and holds more specimens than ordinary cotton or polyester, or rayon swabs.

5. handling and transportation are made simple.

Flocked nasal swabs are supplied with pre-molded breakpoints that are marked with printed indicators, allowing you to break the handle easily before attaching the cap to the vial, saving you time and effort. Sterile flocked swabs are available in two different packaging options: dry transport tubes and moderately filled transport tubes (see below). To transport the tube without any problems after sampling, simply replace the top piece of the tube.

What is the deal with flocked swab specimens?

It is the primary method for large-scale screening of new coronary pneumonia, based on the detection of the viral nucleic acid sequence using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology. Normally, nucleic acid detection technology has the characteristics of early diagnosis, high sensitivity, and specificity. However, sample collection and storage, personnel operation, nucleic acid extraction, kit performance, and other factors can all result in false-negative or false-positive test results, depending on the circumstances.

Flocking swabs are the most commonly used test samples for polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Fleecing glue is an important factor in the selection of raw materials because it affects the collecting and releases efficiency of swabs. Consider whether water-based flocking glue has a high level of water absorption and hydrophilicity in order to determine whether it should be utilized.

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