Disposable Swabs - Break Point PXS-150

PXS-150 - 1PXS-150 - 1
PXS-150 - 2PXS-150 - 2
PXS-150 - 3PXS-150 - 3

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  • Total Length :  16±1 mm
  • Tip Diameter :  5 ±0.2 mm
  • Tip Length :  16 ±1 mm
  • Rod Diameter :  2.5±0.2mm
  • Rod Length :  150 ± 1 mm

Main difference from other swabs being, the rod material, can be customized for different purposes, as well and 3 options for the break point location.

Widely used for laboratory Biological Sampling, Pet Hospital Sampling, Household Hygiene Care, Daily Makeup Removal, etc.

Tip consist of medical grade cotton, precisely manufactured for biological sampling with a higher purity.

The swabs are designed, tested and manufactured internally with high quality medical grade materials which meets with strict standards applicable and subject to the most scrupulous quality checks performed according to International standards with cutting-edge equipment.

Having CE certification in order to ensure maximum safety for our clients.

Also can be customized according to your need of use of material, and sterilize accordingly.

Disposable Swabs - Break Point

Model : PXS-150

Swab Tip Material : Nylon / Rayon / Cotton

Swab Rod Material : PS

Sterilization : Sterile R

Certification : CE / ISO 13485

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