Wooden Swab MM-100

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  • Total Length :  16±1 mm
  • Tip Diameter :  5 ±0.2 mm
  • Tip Length :  16 ±1 mm
  • Rod Diameter :  2.5±0.5mm
  • Rod Length :  100 ± 1 mm

Various designs of Cotton Swabs made of high quality of wooden handle and these wooden handles offer aggressive cleaning. Cotton swabs designed with pure healthy cotton and durable cotton head that does not easily unravel, is gentle to your skin and items surface. Wood handle is not so fragile, comfortable and safe for use.

Widely used to remove extra eyeliner, eyebrow, eyeshadow and makeup as a makeup remover cleansing brush of eye. Medicaly manufactured and steriled accordingly, provides medical grade purity, hence suitable for wound cleaning and external medical applications, such a IVD specimen collections as well.

Widely used for laboratory Biological Sampling, Pet Hospital Sampling, Household Hygiene Care, Daily Makeup Removal, etc.

Tip consist of medical grade cotton, precisely manufactured for biological sampling with a higher purity.

Wooden Swab

Model : MM-100

Swab Tip Material : Cotton

Swab Rod Material : Bamboo

Sterilization : Sterile R

Certification : CE / ISO 13485

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